Custom Business Tools

Successful businesses need the right tools to get the job done. Sometimes that's pen, papers, and filing cabinets, other times it's desktop and online applications.

You can work on paper, old desktop applications, or maybe a SaaS (Software as a Service) that gets you half way, but you're often left scattered, unfulfilled, and cutting corners. Not only is this inefficient and sloppy, you're also doing a disservice to your company and could be making costly mistakes.

Stop cutting corners!

Your work shouldn't be twice as hard or slow because you don't have access to the right tools. Custom business software tools used to be expensive and hard to obtain, but Innerum has made it a goal to deliver affordable and reliable custom business tools to startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. We've been there and helped clients out of that struggle. It's our mission to get you the best tools and analytics for the job.
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What Are Custom Business Tools

The majority of IT decision makers agree that leveraging custom business software tools bring the following benefits over pre-packaged, out of the box software:
  • Designing to serve unique need
  • Efficiency of software
  • Ability to make enhancements
  • Delivering better customer service
  • Differentiating products and services
  • ROI
So what exactly are custom business tools? A Custom business tool is software written specifically to meet your requirements so you're getting the most efficient, reliable, robust tool for the job. Unlike out of the box or some subscription services, a custom business tool is built with one person in mind: you. Not the world, not your competition, just you. When you have custom business software up your sleeve, you're positioned to maximize efforts.

Common Custom Business Tools

Each custom business software tool is unique and the way they process data is specialized, but a few general examples fall under:

Complex Calculators
Quoting Systems
Data Repositories And Record Management
Training Platforms
Data Manipulation And Analytics
Learning Algorithms
Client Portals
Workflow APIs
Project Management

Your Custom Business Tools

Innerum builds rules based tools, catered to your specific needs. All of our custom built software tools aim to prevent omissions, fill gaps, catch mistakes, and position you for future growth and reporting.

Each tool has a strong focus on the end user's experience. Our experts will work with your profile and style to develop a simple but versatile application that blends with your business. Every tool we build truly is custom made and works around your timeline, users, and requirements. As your scope evolves and new requirements are introduced, our tools can be updated, enhanced, and joined with other features to grow with you.

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No Project Minimums 

You read that right. Innerum has no project minimums. If you want to build a simple tool to fill an immediate gap or an intricate application that involves several requirements and components, we're happy to work with you. We build our tools to scale so you can maximize your ROI. We understand that sometimes that means starting small to cover immediate needs when your time or budget is tight.

Fast Turnaround And Built Right

When your timeline is ASAP, we're alert and ready. Innerum is able to roll out designs, prototypes, and updates quickly. Great communication and close contact is how we like to work through fast development periods. Our team provides consistent updates to map progress, accuracy, and quality.

Integrate And Align 

When building our custom business tools, our user experience experts understand that first impressions matter. Because of this, we try to be flexible on how your users will gain access and land on the custom tool, creating a frictionless and natural transition. In certain situations, a Single Sign On (SSO) is possible, where your users can access the secure tool without the need for password entry. If preferred, your custom software tool can shadow the design of your company's image, creating a familiar environment for your employees to work in.

Let's start talking about your custom business tool and how much you can benefit. Our no-hassle team is ready to provide you with a free quote. Contact us today!