About Innerum

Innerum is a passionate software development company that believes in transparency, honesty, and quality solutions. Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Innerum focuses on each customer as an individual with unique needs and requirements. We understand that out-of-the-box solutions don't work for everyone since they tend to limit growth and functionality. That's why we provide reliable, custom software and online applications.

No Cookie-Cutter, Out-Of-The-Box Solutions

We don't believe in cut and paste solutions in our line of work. At Innerum, our job is to cater to our client's unique, individual needs. We remain flexible in our offerings and take the time to know our customer's and where they're coming from. When we build your custom software, you get an application that looks and works how you need it to without confinements. Our 100% onshore team is ready to work with your budget, timeline, and requirements.

Core Industries

Human Resources
Administration and Automation
SaaS Development
Digital Advertising
Networking & Platform Development
IT Services

Key Technologies

Classic ASP
Microsoft SQL
Google Analytics
Google AdWords

Our Process


Before we put out the first prototype, we start with understanding your goals, the problems your application will be solving, and any specific requirements that you have. We take the time to know your business so we have an understanding of the overall process, what your company does, and the industry that it operates within


Once we have an understanding of your project and any pre-determined design requirements, we start laying out the ground work. In many cases, we'll start with a mock up, or rough draft of the interface and workflows involved. Behind the scenes, we start forming and evolving our database models.


While your custom software comes to life, we keep you up to date on all major milestones along the way. We understand that screenshots and emails only go so far in transparency, so we are happy to host demonstrations of your application in progress and even give temporary access to your custom software in a private environment, giving you a hands on experience.


After your custom software has been thoroughly tested and the functionality has been approved by all parties, we plan a release date by your timeline. Innerum is happy to offer support services for your new custom software, webinar demonstrations, and other training material. We can also provide marketing material to assist a successful implementation.


Our custom software is built to scale as your business expands, but we understand that needs change and operations grow. We realize some software needs adjustments and new features implemented. Your investment in our custom software development is ready to rise as fast as the need comes up.

Let's get started on your custom software solution.

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Contact Innerum using our contact form. We're a company built off trust and would be more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if needed to protect sensitive information.
Step 2

No Cost, Pressure Free Consulting

The first real step toward custom software development is the Analysis phase, where we discuss requirements, your timeline, and get a basic understanding of the processes involved. We can also discuss budget, constraints, and a support model that fits your needs.
Step 3

Receive Your Quote

After discussing details, we're able to provide you with a quote and proposal. We keep things transparent and honest so you can trust that your custom software solution will be smooth from initiation to production.
Even if you're in the early phases of your project, today is the best time to start the discussion. At Innerum, we aren't just custom software developers, we're brainstormers and problem solvers that make ideas happen. Contact Innerum today to see how we can make your idea happen.

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