Online Application Development

Custom Applications

We work with you from conception to completion so that your vision is perfect. Some projects evolve or grow over time, and that's no problem. We offer many levels of support to fit your budget and allow for any adjustments or add-ons down the road.

Designed To Fit You

Have an certain look in mind? From appearance to interactivty, we work with you to make that idea a reality.

SEO Built In

Search Engine Optomization is key to others finding you online. We will strategically build your application so that it appears in relevant search results for no extra cost.

Innerum Online Web Applications Built For You

Online Applications

Online applications are driven off dynamic data. User's can log into applications, store personal or global information, and use the system to complete various tasks and jobs. Our online applications can be used to:

  • Automatically generate PDFs and send emails
  • Collect data following specific rules, run complex fomulas, and trigger actions
  • Replace Excel files or SharePoint collections
  • Store documents with searchable tags


Websites are usually public facing pages that don't change often, but can include a basic level of interactivity, new content added through wordpress or other WYSIWYG editors, and front end calculations that stay active until the visitor leaves the page. Websites do not capture data to the same extent that an application does. Typical types of websites include:

  • Portfolios
  • Company contact, location, pricing, and about information
  • Landing pages
  • Calculations and options driven by static formulas that do not get profiled into a database

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